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NYU Silver School of Social Works

YES Foundation is delighted to support and collaborate with New York University in the 2017 Social Work Training Program. ​

Through participating in the development and execution process of this program, YES Foundation is helping young people understand the field of social work and psychology, so they may learn healthy and efficient ways to manage stress and express emotions. The 2017 Social Work Training Program aims to assist Chinese youngsters attain vanguard stress management techniques, so that they know how to effectively combat and relieve stress.


Program Overview

In June, 54 volunteers were recruited to undergo 30 hours of professional training in stress management and art therapy. All courses were designed and provided by professors from NYU School of Social Work. After completion of training, which was provided at no cost to volunteers, each volunteer received a certificate issued by NYU School of Social Work.

In July and August, after receiving professional training, outstanding volunteers were delegated to partnership summer camps throughout the United States. Through a 1-2 hour interactive workshop on emotional intelligence, volunteers provided stress management and art therapy education and guidance to various campers.



Program Director

Yuhwa Eva Lu, Ed.D., LCSW

Dr. Yuhwa Eva Lu is an associate professor at the Silver School of Social Work at NYU. She has published articles in the areas of assessment and evaluation of clinical and cultural competency, and has pioneered the use of Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) in the classroom using the standardized SW-OSCE methodology.


Training Professor

Karen Bagnini


Ms. Karen Bagnini is a licensed creative arts therapist and clinical social worker who has practiced in the Boston and New York City public school systems and outpatient mental health clinics for 17 years.

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Training Professor

Isora Bosch


Dr. Isora Bosch is an organizational and clinical consultant, life coach and therapist with many years of experience in mental health and stress management, cultural competence, group work, customized training programs and program development and evaluation.

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