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Graduate School of Education

Harvard University


YES Foundation engages a working group that bridges scholars from Harvard University’s professional schools with clinical researchers at  Massachusetts      General Hospital, for the translational psychology study on cross-cultural individuals and families. This initiative is committed to the enhancement of interdisciplinary discussion, the support of young scholars, and the delivery of public mental health and educational welfare for students and families with cross-cultural challenges. The working group aims to have a growing impact through the connection of academia with society, as well as research with practice.


Additionally, YES has supported the Harvard Graduate School of Education on a project focuses on the use of cross-media materials adopted from popular movies and novels, and integrating them with VR technology, so as to promote interdisciplinary learning in K12. This prospective innovative project is envisioned to be of benefit to numerous schools and families across the U.S. and China.


Chinese Early Childhood Bilingual Project

As the sustainable partner of the XMedia Lab at Harvard, YES supports XMedia Lab’s integrated cutting-edge research in bilingual education and educational standards set by the China Education Ministry and developed the Cross-discipline/Cross-language (CDCL) instructional framework to deliver effective, engaging, and story-based early childhood Chinese–English bilingual educational programs.


Harvard Civic and Moral Education Initiative

The YES Foundation is also supporting the Civic and Moral Education Initiative (CMEI), which is a well-known, faculty-led program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education that runs regular open colloquia and supports students’ research. It invites both distinguished experts and upcoming young scholars and educational practitioners in research, practice, and policy to present their work and to engage in dialogue with others on current topics.


Drama and Art Education

US-China YES Foundation has partnered with artists to bring Flying Tigers Flying Away, an original Off-Broadway play, to the public. The show has been developed into a cross-cultural project involving young aspiring actors and student interns from the United States, China, Japan, and Italy, hoping to promote art education and cultural understanding.


Seminar on Early Childhood Education

Professors from Harvard and the YES Foundation along with other leading universities hosted the "Seminar on Early Childhood Education" in July 2019 at Harvard University Faculty Club. This seminar has enabled an interdisciplinary discussion on the best practices in the field.


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