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Columbia University

Program Overview

YES Foundation supports Dr. Verdeli and her team at Columbia University as they research cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal evidence-based strategies’ effect on Chinese youth attending a cultural immersion summer program in the United States. The research project’s aim is to enhance the students’ communication and conflict resolution skills.


Launching the Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum at W Academy Summer Camp ​

For Chinese youth attending the W Academy Summer Camp, an innovative package was created using Cognitive, Behavioral, and Interpersonal evidence-based strategies for effective communication, conflict resolution, interpersonal & social skills, regulation of emotion, especially anxiety and anger related to life changes, disagreements, isolation, and daily stress. The research team witnessed a remarkable change in the energy of the students within the three hours of a session! The teens were listening to each other's stories, volunteering to speak up to the larger group about their difficult life changes, offer solutions, solidarity and support to one another.

We believe the foundation of every country is the education of its youth.

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